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Bet Settlement

Why was my bet cancelled?

Bets may be cancelled by Dobet for a variety of reasons. Please refer to our Betting - Rules.

Cancelled bets will be displayed in grey in your betting account under; My bets, and the result is displayed as CANCELLED.

I bet on a game that was postponed. What happens to my bet?

If a betting event fails to take place as scheduled, for any reason, or if it ends without an official score and is not resumed within 72 hours, the stakes will be refunded or credited to your account. If you picked the game for a multi (parlay) or system bet, the pick will be evaluated at odds of 1 to 1.

My player / driver / team failed to show up at the event. What Happens to my bet?

The procedure depends on the type of sport and the kind of bet you placed. For the full details, see our Betting - Rules

My bet has not yet been resolved. Why not?

First of all, please check the detailed view of the corresponding bet under;My account;My bets; to make sure that the betting event has already taken place. If the event has already taken place and more than 24 hours have elapsed since the announcement of the results but your bet is still open, please contact our customer support team, indicating your user ID and the corresponding bet slip number (as displayed in the detailed view of the bet). Please note that there may sometimes be delays in the evaluation because the results must be confirmed by official sources. In the case of live bets, the bets are evaluated in real time as the game progresses. In individual cases, there may be delays in the settlement. For example, it may be necessary to review the film footage in order to ensure a correct evaluation. This cannot be done until the game is over, since managing the live bet generally takes priority.

My bet has been settled, but the gains have not been credited to my account

In this case, the bet was settled but has not been paid out yet. Please contact our customer support team, indicating your user ID, the bet slip number, and the reason for your complaint.

My bet was settled incorrectly

If you think we've made a mistake in the settlement of your bets, please contact our customer service team, stating your username and the number of corresponding betting slip. If you can substantiate your claim based on an official source (for example, a link to the results in the club's official website), please include this information in the query.