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General rules

Dobet Inc
Legal Certificate number: 3-101-625059 
Registration authority: National Register (Republic of Costa Rica) 
Competent regulatory authority: Republic of Costa Rica

Dobet Inc, is located in 700 Central Avenue 409-2400 Desamparados 10301. San José, Costa Rica.

Opening an account

  • 1. To make one or multiple bets on the site ("Services") the user must create an account with us ("Account"). The request to create an account could be made filling the request form online at
  • 2. By requesting an Account, the user declares and warrants that:
    • 2.1. At least is (18) years old, or the legal age allowed to contract Services according to local laws, while using the website. You understand that using our services is not suitable for under-ages, and therefore, you should not help any under-age to create or use an account.
    • 2.2. Will always meet the Terms & Conditions
    • 2.3. All the personal information provided when requesting or having an account, should be complete, accurate, actual and truthful. In the same way, the User will inform Dobet immediately if there is any change in the provided information.
    • 2.4. Has examined the legality of the use of the site in all jurisdictions that could affect the user, considering himself/herself legal for those jurisdictions under the applicable law by the authorities.
    • 2.5. Understands the possibility of losing money when betting or playing in the website, and that the user will be responsible for all economic losses that occur as a result of such actions.
    • 2.6. Betting should be recreational activity. You should not have disproportionate expectations about winning when you bet. We help those who think they could suffer compulsive gambling problems.
    • 2.7. When you accept the General Regulations, you declare that all the money used in our website doesn´t come from illegal sources, and you wont use the website for illegal or fraudulent purposes, such as money laundering under the applicable laws in your jurisdiction or the jurisdiction of any other member of the Dobet Inc. group. In addition you admit you will never bet on events where you are involved. We may take legal actions against persons or organizations that are suspect of illegal activities and we reserve the right to inform the competent authorities without notice You agree to waive any rights you may have when getting involved in fraudulent activities. Moreover, we reserve the right to withhold funds in your account without giving any explanation, when we suspect that have been obtained in a fraudulent way.
  • 3. The user could not request an Account or use our Services in case of having relatives that work or have been working for any of the companies of the Dobet group for the past 2 years. For the purposes of 2.3 clause, "employee" includes third parties such as licensors, distributors and software developers or partners and any persons associated in any way to any company of Dobet Inc.
  • 4. You could not request an account if you are not the holder and/or if you are acting under or for the benefit of another person.
  • 5. Except the cases declared on section 2.6, funds cannot be transferred from one account to another.
  • 6. The user could only have one account at Dobet, and therefore, we reserve the right to cancel or close any other account that in someway refers to the same person. In the case of opening multiple accounts is considered an involuntary error, is at discretion of Dobet the possibility of transferring the entire balance in the rest of your accounts to an account. If we had enough evidences to consider that the user have tried to commit or committed fraud, Dobet reserves the right to cancel al the related transactions without prejudice to any other action. In these Terms & Conditions, any reference to 'fraud' includes 'bonus abuse'. 'Bonus abuse' includes but it doesn´t limit to, opening several accounts with the purpose of obtaining multiple bonuses. It is only one account allowed per each IP address. You should not allow any other person to use your Account, and you will be the only responsible for any loss made by someone else in your account. You must inform as soon as possible if you suspect other people is accessing to your account, and help Dobet in any related investigation.
  • 7. You accept that the funds deposited in your accounts cannot obtain any interests, and you can never consider Dobet as a financial entity. You accept that Dobet may charge you an inactivity fee after 6 months . This monthly fee will be a 5%, with a minimum of 3€.
  • 8. You understand and agree that Dobet strictly prohibit the use of robotics, automatics, mechanics, electronic devices or other for automatically make decisions in any games or bets in this site, any use to try or make decision by the user or any other person. In the case of having evidences of the use of any of the mentioned products, Dobet reserves de right to suspend the account while investigates, as well as discretionary cancel the user account. Dobet considers the use of such elements as fraud, and hence it reserves the right to not refund any earnings at the end of the event, or cancel any pending bets or games. You understand and agree that we can not offer any warranty of the legality of the use you are doing in the site in a determined jurisdiction, and you are the only responsible of warrant the legality of your actions. We can not offer any legal advice relative to the legality of gambling in your jurisdiction, as well as we can not assume the responsibility of any penalty that competent authorities could impose due to illegal us of the site.

You can´t request an account if you are under jurisdiction where creating an account with us or using our services is illegal, or doesn´t meet all the conditions in the applicable legislation ("Prohibited jurisdiction"). You are responsible for ensuring that is not. Dobet reserves the right to suspend immediately your account in case of finding that it has been opened in a Prohibited jurisdiction.